Actor Nathan Lane and I are leading parallel lives

Just a few of the uncanny correlations:

Nathan Lane was born in 1956; I would have been born that same year, except that I was two years premature.

Nathan Lane was raised Catholic; I was raised Catholic. As Catholic boys, I’ll bet we both thought about going into the priesthood; sadly, the priesthood was apparently thinking the opposite.

Nathan Lane was named “Best Actor” at his high school; my star turn as “Harold Hill” in The Music Man received numerous accolades from my mother.

Nathan Lane struggled to make a name for himself in New York; I struggled to make change at Shillito’s department store in Cincinnati. Shillito’s was later bought by Macy’s…that’s right, the famous store in New York!  Nathan Lane might even shop there! So weird!

     Nathan Lane eventually became a big musical-comedy star on Broadway; see The Music Man, above.

Nathan Lane has hosted Saturday Night Live; I was once in the audience of SNL, when it was hosted by Alec Baldwin, who is also very talented and funny, though many people say that he is “no Nathan Lane.”

Nathan Lane famously voiced “Timon the meerkat” on the big and small screen; I have read Shakespeare’s Timon of Athens, which prefigured The Lion King in its adroit use of fart jokes.

Nathan Lane has a lovely home in the Hamptons; I have a lovely home in Carmel, Indiana. Coincidence? You make the call.

Nathan Lane has a contract to write children’s books about his dog Mabel; I have written many unpublished children’s books. I would have a better shot at being published if I were Nathan Lane’s dog Mabel.

Nathan Lane is gay; I have a friend who is gay…and my gay friend actually knows Nathan Lane!  How crazy is that?  Not that it matters, but I am not gay — although I do think George Clooney is handsome.  I wonder if he and Nathan Lane ever dated?

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