Valentine’s Eve Doubly Scary When It Falls on Friday the 13th


Valentine’s Eve is frightening enough on its own; but couple it with Friday the 13th, and you’ve got the perfect phobic storm.  “Let’s face it, a lot of people are trembling in their boots on Valentine’s Eve,” stated Dr. Wendy Swale, professor of cultural neuroticism at Rind University in Australia. “People not in a relationship are sweating it out, hoping they might meet someone in the last desperate minutes before Valentine’s Day. And those already committed are afraid that they might not have booked the right restaurant or bought the right present or done enough yoga to facilitate that new position.” Swale indicated that it’s an especially nervous night for men. “They’re chewing their nails, worried sick that their partner is expecting some kind of a life-long commitment on Valentine’s Day — knowing full well that one false move or evasive answer might mean the only action they’ll get that night is rubbing their crotch with the sleazy lingerie they had hoped to see on their date.”

And Friday the 13th only ratchets up the stress and anxiety. “It doesn’t help you to relax, when you know that you could be killed by a meteorite or named in a paternity suit on Valentine’s Eve,” Swale said. “It’s not at all surprising that this combination of days usually produces a virtual epidemic of cold sores.”

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