Nick Boob Pic Only Latest In Cartoon Lewdness


AP — The March 5 episode of Nickelodeon’s animated series Oggy and the Cockroaches featured a picture of a topless woman hidden in the background of one scene. While this discovery has caused a minor furor among parent groups and Fox News anchors, it is just the latest instance of obscenity or lewd behavior in a cartoon setting. Here are some other egregious examples of animators acting badly:

— In a 1934 Donald Duck short, sailor Donald picks up a prostitute. When the frustrated quacker discovers that he has been drawn without genitalia, Donald begins sputtering in that angry, unintelligible way that would endear him to millions. In the end, though, he still gets the clap from one of his shipmates.

— Warner Brothers’ 1952 cartoon short Like A Bunny featured a sex scene between Elmer Fudd and Bugs Bunny, who seduces Elmer while disguised as a buxom huntress. When Bugs reveals himself, Elmer is shocked and humiliated, though grateful for the “gweat bwow job.”

— In the 1960 Mr. Magoo classic Up Yours, Hombre! the near-sighted bungler decides to vacation in Acapulco.  When he checks into a Mexican prison by mistake, the results are as sexually explicit as they are hilarious.

— Augie Doggie and Doggie Daddy, a regular segment on Hanna-Barbera’s Quick Draw McGraw show, featured a notorious scene in which Doggie Daddy showed his pup son how to do it ‘Doggie Daddy style.’

— A short-lived but highly-controversial character on Batman: The Animated Series was the transgender villain ‘Vagina Face.’

— Nearly every episode of The Simpsons or Family Guy.

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