Wildcats, Judd Sign 5-Year Deal


Indianapolis — “Big Blue Nation” can rest easy: UK superfan Ashley Judd isn’t taking her cheering talents anywhere.

The University of Kentucky today announced a deal that will make Ashley Judd the highest-paid fan in UK history. Though terms were not disclosed, the contract is reported to be a 5-year, $10 million deal that includes a UK foam finger and some really good Cracker Barrel coupons.

Wildcats coach John Calipari was delighted by Judd’s signing. “Fans with her skill-set are tough to come by,” Calipari said. “I must look her way a hundred times a game, and she always has the right expression. Happy, nervous, wondering why they’re not showing her on the Jumbotron, bored by yet another blowout — she can do them all. She should think about becoming an actress.”

Calipari even gave credit to Judd for Kentucky’s hard-fought regional finals victory over Notre Dame. “When I called our last time out, I didn’t even coach the team,” Calipari recounted. “I simply told them, ‘Do what Ashley Judd would want you to do.’ You know the result.”

The signing puts an end to Wildcat concerns that Judd was thinking of jumping to Duke, or even Louisville. An ESPN special report said that Judd had hired a tutor to help her understand the Duke cheers and had nearly learned to spell “Krzyzewski.” Duke, meanwhile, has flatly denied reports that the university will now try to sign Ashley Judd’s half-sister, Wynonna. “We are exploring other options,” said a Duke spokesman, “but we have not lost our freaking minds.”

While Judd’s contract reportedly ensures that she will be UK’s highest-paid fan, she will still be paid less than the players.  In addition, she is permitted to opt out of the contract when John Calipari leaves for the NBA and Kentucky is placed on probation.

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