12 MSN Sex Advice Headlines You Shouldn’t Ignore


1.  “6 Sexual Devices You Should Always Keep in Your Car”

2.  “9000 Things You Do That Could Be Killing Your Spouse’s Libido”

3.  “What Voyeurs Won’t Tell You About Your Body”

4.  “8 Secrets To Withholding Great Sex (and Having Fabulous Hair!)”

5.  “12 Signs That She’s the Right Hooker For You”

6.  “Lovemaking or Domestic Disturbance: 4 Easy Ways To Tell

7.  “5 Ways To Spice Up Your Porn Addiction”

8.  “Office Intimacy: Best Copiers For The Job”

9.  “The 3 Little Sex Moves Your Cellmate Wishes You Knew”

10. “What Happily Married Couples Know About Resentful Sex”

11.  “7 Sex Positions That May Be Tax Deductible”

12.  “Getting Beyond the Rope Burns”

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