Trump Blasts Disney For Slighting American Cartoon Actors


Garden City, IA — In a Labor Day campaign appearance, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump attacked the Walt Disney Company for repeatedly giving plum cartoon roles to foreigners.  “It’s a pattern,” Trump said. “And a crime. Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Cinderella — all not Americans. That frigid princess, the hot harem chick, that chick in the clam bikini — more not Americans.”

And the problem is not just with the starring female roles. “Are you telling me Yogi couldn’t have played that bear in The Jungle Book? And what about The Lion King? Garfield would have been perfect for that farting pig.”

But didn’t Disney animate Native Americans in Pocahontas? “Irrelevant,” Trump replied. “I’m talking about movie jobs for real cartoon Americans, not those who just happened to be living in this great country when the European Americans arrived. For cryin’ out loud, those native characters didn’t even know they were living in America!”

Trump stated that, if he is elected, he will order the INS to begin an investigation of all Disney animated characters. “It wouldn’t surprise me if the entire cast of The Emperor’s New Groove was in this country illegally,” Trump said.

One thought on “Trump Blasts Disney For Slighting American Cartoon Actors

  1. I wish this surprised me but it really doesn’t. I spend a lot of my time examining and studying the history of animation, specifically Disney’s. I can’t even handle that he’s bringing fictional characters into this ridiculous campaign of his. I would LOVE to hear this thoughts on Tiana!


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