Trump Would Boost American Supermodels


New York — In a candid interview with Billionaire Boys Life magazine, Republican front-runner Donald Trump stressed that one of his first priorities as President would be to increase the supply of American supermodels.

“It’s a national disgrace,” Trump said. “Here we are, a nation of like fifty billion people, which, by coincidence, is also the amount of money I have, and yet all the hot Victoria’s Secret models come from Brazil and other countries that have less money than me.”

For Trump, this is just another example of foreign workers taking American jobs.  “They model our clothes, they marry our Tom Bradys, they become the mistresses of American millionaires. I myself have been forced to boink numerous hot foreign models numerous times, and every one of them was hotter than the next, believe me. And they loved it, because The Donald makes love like he makes money — like a machine. But I’d much rather screw an American any day. If I’m elected, you’ll be seeing a lot more that.”

Trump’s approval rating immediately jumped seven points, his message resonating most with middle-aged white males who feel they would have a shot at nailing a supermodel, if President Obama were not a Muslim.

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